Do you love spicy hot sauces? then this is the site for you! We list recipes and links to other sites that love chili as well. Hot sauce is used world wide, from the earthy Indian curry's and the contrasting Asian sweet and sour to the fresh chopped salsa's of Mexico. We love spicy food! and on this site you can learn more about it. Spicy sauces, recipes and books.

Links to the best recipe sites on the net for hot sauces, chilli sauce and spicy food recipes. Looking for Mexican or Thai recipes then you will find them here.

Sweet Chilli Sauce

The best recipe we have found for sweet chilli sauce. It makes around 4 bottles of it. This sauce improves with age when properly bottled. Add more chili to the mix if you like.

Hot Sauce Recipe

Our fiery hot sauce will warm you up, keep the bottles in a dark cool cupboard for 3 months before using if you can.

Thai Chilli Sauce

This is classic Thai style dipping sauce is the site owners personal favourite chilli sauce recipe.

Spicy Chili Chicken

This dish will have you grabbing for the ice water, especially if you marinate the chicken overnight. Just marinating the chicken like this and then grilling on a barbeque is fantastic as well.

Chilli Sauce Links

Find more sites with recipes and ideas for chilli cooking, hot sauces and spicy food.

Red Chilli Sauce

This is adapted from a Thai style red curry paste, keep some in the fridge and add a teaspoon to your next dish for a taste of the orient.